TOP on Demand taxi service In today’s world, maintaining your own car is tough. Hailing a cab is a lot easier and cheaper. That is the reason why people prefer using taxi services. Online taxi service apps have provided ease of booking rides with few clicks on your mobile screen.

In recent reports, Statista revealed, that Revenue in the Ride-hailing & Taxi sector is estimated to reach US$314.20bn in 2022.

The report projects revenue to grow at a rate of 5.30% per year, resulting in a market volume of US$386.30bn by 2026. In 2026, online taxi services will generate 50% of total revenue.

Online taxi services are providing a one-stop solution to all commute problems, from booking an easy ride to creating earning opportunities

Let’s educate you more about some the famous taxi app and how taxi service apps work:

Taxi Booking Apps: What Are They?

Riders can book instant rides online using a ride-booking app by connecting to the internet and interacting with the application interface on their mobile phone.

The taxi booking service operates in two different applications set up. There is a driver app and a rider app. In recently developed apps both options are available, you can switch to either rider mode or driver mode.

Apps for booking taxi services are designed to help riders enter all the details about the ride so that drivers can understand the pick-up location, drop-off location, ride type, and more.

How Does the TOP On-Demand Taxi Service App Work?

Booking a ride is easy as a piece of cake with an Uber-like taxi services app. Do you want to book a ride? Just follow a simple chain of steps and complete your journey with comfort and ease.

Requesting Taxi Service

Customers open the taxi service app and go to a ride-booking request option. This is where customers can select car sizes and other sub-categories like AC/Non-AC. Luxury ride options can be availed by customers but at a cost.!

Notifying the Driver

Once customers have requested a ride, the taxi apps notify all available drivers on nearby premises. The driver accepts the ride request, and information is exchanged with the rider including acceptance of the ride request by the driver, driver, and his car details.

Details of the Ride

The current location of the driver is also shared with the rider. The estimated time to reach the pin location is calculated and shared with the rider as per the location of the driver.

With the mobile app, the rider can also track the entire route from the point of pickup to the destination.

Payment Process

Upon the ride’s completion, riders must pay the amount due. Taxi apps take different factors into account including the distance traveled and the base fare to estimate the total fare.

In some apps, the time to reach the destination is also taken into account when calculating fares.

Rating Options

Riders can rate and review drivers based on their performance on the app. In addition, drivers can rate their experience with customers. Generally, five-star rating options are included in apps. A five-star rating means excellent services provided by the driver.

On-Demand Taxi App Development Process

An app development company can carry out the whole process of designing and developing of taxi service booking app. App development company will deliver a fully functional taxi booking app, ready to be launched for public use.

From Integrating necessary features to designing the user interface, everything is done by the app development company to make it easy and smooth for riders and users.

If you own a private taxi company or you are a private driver, you should know that these taxi booking apps help you get more business because passengers can ride in your taxi by booking it ahead of time.

Taxi booking apps like Uber are popular around the world because they offer riders the convenience of having their cab ride ready long in advance.

Features of On-Demand taxi Booking App

The features that are included while developing the solution are what make a taxi service booking app work successfully. The taxi booking app development company assists you in designing the following customer app features to aid in the successful operation of the taxi booking app.

Search for Ride

The initial and foremost step of a ride-booking operation is to search for a car. Here the rider app will get the request for a ride option after logging into the app successfully.

Using this feature, the rider can search for nearby cars and request the driver to accept the ride. Nearby drivers are notified once a customer request a ride.

Ride Confirmation

The rider app will get complete details about pick-up time, drop-off time, and the estimated ride cost. The rider can send a request for a ride after going through all details.

The rider can click on ‘confirm ride’ to ask the driver to pick him up from the location.

Ride Arrival Notification

Once the driver accepts the ride request, the app will display the driver’s information and distance. When the driver arrives at the pick-up location, the app will send an arrival notification to the rider’s smartphone.

It also includes information such as the driver’s name, picture, car details, and phone number. It is one of the most important aspects to consider during the taxi booking app development process.

Online Payment

The taxi booking app development company can assist your app with third-party payment integration options as well as support for allowing passengers to pay for cab services online.

Pay online is an essential feature for allowing passengers to pay using various online methods, especially when the passenger is out of cash or wishes to avoid the cash exchange.

Ride Rating

Last but not least, the ride-sharing experience is important in determining the driver’s rating. Before boarding the cab, many passengers check the driver’s rating.

Taxi booking apps like Uber and Lyft have a similar feature that allows passengers to read real-time ratings from previous passengers to check driver reviews.

Driver App Features

Aside from customer app features, driver app features are also important in the operation of a carpooling app like Uber. The following are the features of the driver app:

  • GPS navigation system
  • Accept ride
  • Cancel ride
  • Driver dashboard
  • Receiving payment notifications

 Best 5 Taxi Booking Service Apps

Some of the taxi booking service apps have gained huge popularity in no time around the globe.

So, let’s have a quick look at the top taxi apps we can count on when it comes to booking a ride.

     1. Uber

It is assumed that the Uber was first of its kind of taxi booking app, But it is not true. It was Taxi Magic currently known as Curb, that pioneered the taxi booking app category.

However, the popularity of Uber around the globe can not be denied. Uber expanded its business to various countries in the world and received funding of $25.2 B.

The word ‘Uber’ has become synonymous with on-demand taxi booking services, Almost all on-demand taxi booking apps tend to follow the Uberization to provide services

With huge estimated $70 billion investments, Uber expanded its services in all sectors of ride-booking from food delivery to taxi booking.

Uber focus on riders’ safety, riders can share their ride with close ones for safety purpose. In this way, they feel safer and more secure.

Ride schedule is another amazing feature Uber offer to its users. Riders can schedule a ride in advance so that they do not get late. Both rider and driver can rate each other as per their ride experience.

     2. Lyft

Do you talk about the Uber alternative? Lyft is considered to be an alternative to Uber and delivers high-quality rides at a low cost.

Lyft is based in San Francisco, California but is operating in around 640 cities in US and 9 cities in Canada. The app is the most popular ride-sharing app.

Lyft has received a total funding of 4.9 B dollars and is Considered the second-largest ridesharing company in the United States with a 28% market share.

The rider can book a Lyft ride by simply clicking a button, and a nearby driver will pick him up and take him to his destination.

So, download Lyft, and get rid of waiting for the bus, or shouting at a taxi in the middle of the road.

Lyft provides real-time tracking of the driver with an estimated arrival time to avoid any hustle.

Payment gateway options are easy, you can directly pay from the app.

Lyft drivers are considered to be the most professional and highest-rated to ride with.

     3. Curb

Curb previously known as Taxi Magic is the pioneer in online taxi booking apps.

Curb is one of the most popular smartphone-based ride-hailing apps in the US.

Curb is just not like other taxi booking apps, it emphasizes professional and insured drivers instead of sharing rides in a private car.

Currently, it is operating in 65 cities in the united states like NY city, LA, Washington DC Chicago, etc.

Riders can easily book a ride from one place to another in these cities.

This taxi app also offers some amazing services like a wheelchair, AC, baby seat, and music. This is what makes Curb a different app

Mainly curb allows licensed and fully insured drivers. It allows riders to pay in multiple options including credit card, Paypal, or cash.

Personal referral codes can earn you free rides .sound amazing? Let’s curb a ride.

     4. InDriver

One of the most popular taxi apps on Android is InDriver. It is currently operating in over 500 cities across 34 countries across the globe, including the United States.

It works like most ride-sharing apps. You can hail a ride, a driver arrives, you go where you need to go, pay the driver, and leave a review.

It allows you to choose your driver from a list of drivers who accept your ride requests and sort them by things like completed rides.

It includes a unique feature, instead of fare calculations by app, drivers offer riders a fare. Riders can accept the lowest fare offer and connect with drivers easily.

     5. Cabify

Cabify is another name for moving around the city comfortably and safely with a private car and driver. Cabify is a Spanish taxi booking app service that mainly focuses on the comfort and luxury of riders.

Within minutes, a car with a chauffeur is waiting to take the rider wherever he wishes. And all of this without jeopardizing safety standards.

Open the app, enter your destination, and select the type of vehicle you want to travel in, such as Lite, Executive, or Easy Taxi.

Discover all of the city’s options and enjoy the ride without any hassle. You can find out the cost of the ride before you book it. Preference selection is a fantastic feature; choose between AC, music, and an open door.

Would you Like to Develop a Taxi Booking App?

Uber and other taxi booking apps have changed the way we commute for both short and long distances. If you want to build taxi booking apps like Uber and In driver, you should work with a reputable taxi booking app development company.

We at CoderGlobe have ready-made taxi booking app solutions for private cab booking services. Get in touch with us today.