In the current digital world, everyone wants to have every essential service under their fingerprints. The smartphone has evolved into a supermarket, a launderette, a mode of transportation, and an eatery! You are hungry, tap a few clicks and your favorite meal is at your doorstep, thanks to food delivery app development.

According to Statista, the number of people using online food apps almost doubled in recent years, rising from 364.8 million in 2017 to 625.9 million in 2020. This number is estimated to reach 858 billion in 2024.

With the increasing number of people using food delivery apps, several food delivery apps are launched every day. Food delivery app development companies are developing trendy and different types of food delivery apps.

Currently, with the ongoing economic conditions, the food delivery market has facing huge competition. Restaurant owners are striving hard to provide the best food delivery services to stay one leader in the market. Update current services or create new online food delivery services,  A stitch in time saves nine.!

Even though the market is saturated, don’t give up if you are new to the food delivery industry. 

If you have an original idea and a worthy food app development company with you.

Based on gaps and competitive analysis analyses, a food app development company can provide you with comprehensive software with advanced features. Let us upskill you more about food delivery app development.

What is a Food Delivery App?

A food delivery app is mobile application software that allows a consumer to order food from their favorite restaurant and have it delivered to their home.

The order is typically placed via a smartphone app, webpage, or telephone conversation. Restaurant employees or a third-party delivery agent of a food delivery company make deliveries.

Types of Food Delivery Apps 

There are numerous apps available based on various business models. But mainly, there are 3 classifications of food delivery apps. Lets us educate more about these classes;

The Plat to Consumer Apps (Order only Business Model)

These apps provide restaurants a platform to sign up and showcase their menu. In contrast, the end-user consumer chooses their favorite meals from preferred restaurants and places an order.

The owner of the application acts as a liaison between restaurants and end-user consumers. 

The owner of the food delivery app is not responsible for customer food delivery.

Its the responsibility of the restaurant owner to arrange self-delivery services or hire a third-party service provider.

Aggregators Apps (Order With Delivery Business)

Just like order only model but with an additional feature of logistics. The owner of the application is solely responsible to deliver food items to the consumer

Among all other models, somehow this is the most preferable model of food delivery apps. Restaurants or eateries are not expected to manage their food delivery fleet. Whenever the order is ready restaurants send a notification to the delivery network to pick up the order and deliver it to the consumer

In this business model, the app owner can charge the restaurant a flat rate per order and charge the customer a delivery fee based on their exact location.

The delivery team needs to be well trained and fast enough for timely delivery, especially during offices lunchtime. 

As an app owner, delays can be extremely costly. Hire more delivery agents, and cover a larger area easily!

The Full-Stack Food Delivery Apps

Full-stack is the self-explanatory name for a business model in which one service provider manages the entire food chain. It means taking orders from the consumer, preparing food, and delivering it to the consumer, all is done by one service provider-generally the app owner.

This is a high capital investment model as compared to above mentioned two models. However, all service providers prefer integrated delivery services and business models. With the framework, app owners can make more money.

This is why popular restaurants prefer this model. They usually provide additional benefits to returning customers. Customers can order from the comfort of their own homes, increasing restaurant sales.

The famous Domino Pizza doing the same!

Benefits of Food Delivery Apps

Food delivery apps are equally beneficial for restaurant owners, delivery set-ups, and general public consumers.

 Benefits for Restaurant Owners 

  • Easy order management
  • New Customers
  • Easy Data collection
  • Easy  marketing 
  • Targeted discounts
  • Creative menu display
  • Enhanced  sales 

Benefits for Customers

  • Easy order placement 
  • Smooth payment 
  • No waiting ques
  • Food variety 
  • Discount offers
  • A large number of restaurants in one place

Things to Consider for Your Food Delivery App

When you decide to have a food delivery app for your food delivery business, there are a few factors you should consider. We have enlisted some key factors to think about. 

Know your requirements

The first step is to ask yourself, what do you want? what is the scope of your business? What is your target audience? what specific items or services you are going to provide.? 

Sit back, relax, and jot down your answers to the above question.

Know market demands

People are attracted to the hot trendy features of apps. Provide ease!

Know the new market trends and what people are demanding nowadays. 


Look into your target market. Conduct a gap analysis of current service providers. Look for areas where your competitors are falling short.

Try to collect customers data as much as possible and analyze it carefully

Identify features for your app

Like every food delivery app, you will need some basic features. Login and registration features are provided to make the process as simple as possible. Logging in with a social media or Google account is convenient!

A search option is also useful; provide relevant items when searching. If you can afford it, an advanced search option based on AI is preferable.

Other key features include order placement, payment option/methods, payment notifications, order tracking, reviews, and ratings.

App development technologies

You will need to consider different development technologies based on features included in your app. Different API technologies, google maps, and popular payment options like PayPal, all need to integrate into one app.

Food Delivery App Development Process

The food delivery app development process looks challenging if you are not related to the programming field, But don’t worry! When you have a good app development company on your side, you are safe.

Here are a few steps you need to know about the development of your customized food delivery app.

Market analysis and target audience

Perform a market and gap analysis of your competitors before embarking on app development. know areas of improvement in other’s businesses and aim to fill the need of costumers where others are lacking.

Your detailed analysis should include market location and size, competition level, detailed target audience, and possible blockers.

Unique design 

A unique design of the user interface is something that will highlight your future app from competitors’ digital products.

 Developing a copy of an already existing delivery app is not recommended. Users won’t see any difference or value in your app interface. Why should they choose it over the original? When designing UVP, consider how you will differentiate your app in the market.

Hire development company

It is now time to select the app development team that will handle the project. When choosing the perfect team for your app development, it is suggested to check the portfolio, read the reviews, ask about the number of Senior Developers on board, test the communication, and check the development methodologies.

Create MVP 

The Minimum Viable Product methodology focuses on launching the basic version of an app in a comparatively short time. During food delivery app development, the team focuses on the most critical features of  MVP.

The entire development process is divided into smaller time segments called sprints. The main advantage of this approach is that we do not waste time and money developing features that are not essential to the app’s goals.

Launch and gain users feedback

Technically you begin your food delivery journey, the moment you launch your food delivery app

The market is fiercely competitive, so your app has to fulfill users’ requirements. Otherwise, no one will be willing to use your food delivery app.

Gain customers feedback through the preview feature. Analyze the data you have collected.

Plan the further development and app maintenance

Apps, whether web or mobile, require constant maintenance to function correctly and achieve their goals. Yes, the cost of app development does not end once the app is built. 

In the future, you may need to improve your app. As a food delivery app owner, you will also have to stay on top of the latest trends and competitors. Further cooperation with developers is the only way to change the app. So you’ll need to plan your budget accordingly.

How much Does it Cost to Develop a Full-Stack Food Delivery App?

If you want to create an app for the food delivery industry, you have primarily two options. Create an in-house development team or outsource your project to a professional food delivery app development firm. Later one can save your money. !

The in-house development team can be a costly option. You’ll need project managers, app developers, back-end developers, UI/UX designers, and business analysts.

Because it appears to be less expensive than hiring an in-house team, an outsourcing company with extensive experience in various business domains and tech solutions can be a good choice for app development.

Your cost will also depend on the model of your business,order-only mobile apps are comparatively less costly than order and delivery mobile apps. The full-stack food delivery mobile app has a higher cost than the other two business models. Furthermore, while additional features may be more expensive, they will undoubtedly be worthwhile in the long run.

Final Words 

Mobile food delivery is a fast-growing trend that’s just too valuable for any restaurant or food delivery service to ignore. With technology developing day by day, the business value of food delivery apps is sure to soar even higher. 

As a business owner, one must consider every element of developing such an app and adequately address the needs of all parties involved. And grow by leaps and bounds!

If you’re unsure as to how to accomplish your dream of a successful food delivery business, then it is recommended to discuss the matter with professional experts that offer mobile app development solutions that are specifically related to your business.

With experience in food delivery app development solutions and a team of professional experts, we can confidently say that we have an edge over other app development companies. 

Let us develop your food delivery app, deliver an outstanding service, and enter the market with a bang!