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Pareto Peak

Pareto Peak is an app that is Transforming Real Estate Engagement. Pareto Peak is unlocking the potential of your real estate journey. A revolutionary app designed to empower agents with free support, cutting-edge tools, and premium content. Elevate your real estate game, generate leads effortlessly, increase referrals, and establish a reliable stream of passive income. Here’s a comprehensive look at what Pareto Peak brings to the table:

  • Lead Generation Mastery
  • Referral Amplification
  • Passive Income Streams
  • Social Media Empowerment
  • Breaking Geographical Barriers
  • Relationships at Scale
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Continuous Learning Hub
  • Innovation Hub
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Wheelbees app

Wheel Bees

The license plate chat app. The mission is to make communication in and around the vehicle possible for everyone.

  • WheelBees allows users to communicate by sending and receiving text messages through license plates.
  • No more meaningless waving, headlight flashing or honking!
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Hybrid-AG Weather

The Hybrid Ag Weather App is an essential tool for farmers and growers to maximize their agricultural operations.

  • It combines cutting-edge weather technology and advanced agricultural algorithms for a comprehensive understanding of weather conditions and their impact on crops.
  • Access real-time weather data from a vast network of over 10,000 weather stations nationwide.
  • Get detailed information on temperature, rainfall, wind speed, humidity, and specialized readings.
  • Optimize farming decisions by leveraging accurate and up-to-date weather information.
  • Stay informed about weather conditions to make proactive adjustments and mitigate risks.
  • Improve crop yield and quality through precise monitoring of weather patterns.
  • Enhance operational efficiency by utilizing advanced agricultural algorithms tailored to specific crops and regions.
  • The Hybrid Ag Weather App empowers farmers and growers with actionable insights for successful agricultural practices.
  • Maximize productivity, minimize losses, and make informed decisions with the ultimate weather app for agriculture.
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weather app
shelter furniture

Shelter Furniture

The best furniture store is up and running. The users can buy furniture of different categories from one store.

  • The users should be able to order the furniture online.
  • Customers can make payments through paypal and stripe.
  • Customers will be able to track the drivers in the real-time via the customer app.
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dream body system

Dream Body

Dream body system is designed to help its users to lose weight quickly so that the user will log their diet and all the activities related to the weight loss in a chart designed by the Dr. Di Petro.

The chart will be examined by the doctor from the admin panel and will help to understand the condition of the user.

  • The users should be able to track their daily activity towards the weight loss.
  • The users can watch and share videos. Users can also upload the videos.
  • Users can favorite the videos in their app.
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Weight loss app without medicines


Saloon App

A community platform connecting people looking to hire or sell saloon related services. Change how, when and where you work.

  • Be your own boss – Offer services at your own time and area.
  • A common ground for saloon vendors and customers.
  • Get every thing easily and effectively.
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Navlon App

New to the city? Does not know where to find the best food and restaurant? Let’s place a request with navlon to get the best restaurants and dishes in your area.

  • Navlon allows users to communicate by sending and receiving text messages through chat.
  • Help the users to get the tips from by making recommendations.
  • The users shall be able to find the best restaurants and dishes in their area.
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An AI based app that helps the users to convert voice into text on the basis of an AI model integrated at the backend. The model converts the voice sent to it into text and returns the string back to the app. The app will figure out which app to open and it opens up the app like Facebook, Whatsapp e.t.c

  • The users should be able to open up any app with the help of voice command.
  • The users should be able to play music and control the volume of the player.
  • The users should be able to connect with any Bluetooth device.
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Techtlk Case Study

QR & Barcode Scanner

The users should be able to scan the QR codes and Barcodes of different products. The scanner is helpful to view the data hidden in the QR codes and Barcodes.

  • The users should be able to scan the QR codes.
  • The users should be able to scan the Bar codes.
  • The users can generate custom QR codes.
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qr code scanner app

Players App

An E-Commerce store that is used to buy the products that vendor has placed in his store. The users can buy products from the store.

  • The users should be able to order the products online.
  • Customers can make payments through paypal and stripe.
  • Customers will be able to track the orders.
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Revov is a social marketplace app that seeks to elevate independent brands, and provide customers with a means of accessing and buying a wide range of unique, quality products.

  • Buying and selling of the products
  • Online payment through credit cards
  • Virtual wallet
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revov e-commerce store app
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Avenue Mall

Avenue Mall offer a combination of world-class retail, dining, leisure & entertainment, events, and attractions, serving as the second home of all visitors.

It is a number one happiness destination all over the UAE that offer visitors from online shopping to lifestyle experience you deserve, all in just one place.

  • Buying and selling of the products
  • Online payment through credit cards
  • Virtual wallet
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Transporter is an On-Demand application that helps people to call the loading trucks right from the palm of their hands.

  • Ride Tracking
  • Live Chat
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Transportation App

Multi-Task (Productivity)

The idea of the Multitask app is to assist users in sustaining daily tasks. Various features are offered by the application, including labels, priority levels, lists, tasks, and subtasks. Users of the app can add tasks, deadlines, and reminders. The app allows sharing scheduled tasks with other users.

  • Activities and subtasks can be created by users, who can subsequently schedule them as one-time or continuing tasks.
  • Tools like Gantt charts, timetables, and progress reports are available for users to monitor the progress of tasks. 
  • The Smart Plan function of the app suggests the ideal times to schedule new chores and reschedule existing ones.
  • Depending on their interests, users can also choose from a vast built-in collection of themes.
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