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Technology, on-demand services, and social needs are all integrated into the on-demand app Transporter.We have build a ground-breaking mobile architecture using cutting-edge technology like Angular, Flutter, and Microsoft Azure. 

This innovative app was created solely to allow individuals to rent a loaded truck with a few clicks and swipes of their smartphones. This removes all the hustle of finding reliable and trustworthy truck drivers at affordable rates.

Since truck drivers aren’t very tech-savvy, one of the Transporter App’s main goals was to create an interface that was straightforward and easy to use for non-techies. A user experience with incredibly user-friendly interface that required a few steps but did not sacrifice functionality.  The app’s unique feature of real-time tracking made it trustworthy and ideal for users.

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The Challenge

Tech apps generally pose more challenges at the development level. However, as our client was not technically competent, we had to overcome the following hurdles in order to meet his evolving needs.

  • The main feature that our client has focused on is to empower the users to be able to rent the truck of their choice.
  • Focusing on the ease of app users,the consumer wanted the option to  allow them to select their own payment method for the vehicle reservation.
  • To follow up with the rider’s current loacation, the customer needed a real-time tracking solution.
  • Allowing users to interact with one another was preferable feature to avoid any inconvenience during the ride.
  • The customer also desired to keep an eye on the riders’ actions to maintain the quality of services.

The Solution

We collaborate with the client to think outside the box and find a novel solution to all of the aforementioned difficulties. Our initial objective was to ensure that the app’s basic needs were met. As a result, we devised the following strategies to accomplish our goal.

  • We have developed a stream from the admin panel from where the admins may generate the list of automobiles that will display on the front. end of the app. Users will be able to choose trucks from a list.
  • Riders will be required to select an option during registering that will allow us to filter out users based on payment method, and truck requests will be placed solely for those individuals.
  • Using Google Maps, we have monitored users in real time so that consumers may check their rider as he approaches.
  •  Once the orders have been accepted, users will be able to communicate with the riders in real-time by leveraging the power of  firebase technology.
  • We have put in place a system of notifications that will be sent whenever a rider taps on the buttons after fulfilling certain criteria.
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Rider/Driver Management

In Rider Management, the admin may keep an eye on all of the drivers, both active and inactive. Drivers may be found by an administrator using the aforementioned categories, such as active, inactive, and total drivers. The drivers in the list of all drivers can also be enabled or disabled by the admin.

Data Security

We made advantage of cutting-edge tools like Microsoft Azure to extend the system to thousands of concurrent users. We used AI  to strengthen and secure the system, and we made sure that vital data, such information on shipping and the sourcing, is only accessed based on restrictive user-roles.

Live Chat

Once the orders are approved, consumers will be able to connect with the riders in real-time thanks to the power of firebase technology.Once your reservation is confirmed, you will receive the driver’s contact information, car information, and expected arrival time.

User Friendly & Attractive Design

We developed a user experience using basic, clear, and simplistic visual elements so that non-technical users like truck drivers could use the mobile app without any difficulty.

Real Time Tracking

Real-time tracking is a key feature of this app. For users, we made detailed insights and real-time vehicle monitoring available, assisting them in making informed decisions, guaranteeing transparency, and communication, resulting in customer satisfaction.

Payment Without Fuss

Flexibility in payment methods is an excellent technique to make users feel at ease. This app permits users to pay for transportation with cash, credit card, or online via bank account, or digital wallets.


Technology stack that we used in this project

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Flutter, Dart, Xml

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My Sql, Fire base

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Microsoft Azure


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