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What precisely did you have to do at this time? In today’s fast-paced world, you’re always on the go. If you don’t have any work-related projects to worry about, a never-ending list of personal commitments is vying for your attention.

There’s no need to pursue the arduous and isolated route of sustaining your goals on your own. You may adopt Multi-Task to harness the power of routines in order to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Its UX design is absolutely delightful and user-friendly. Since this application never forgets, Multi-Task duplicates the person you constantly have to keep up with, notifying you of all the important tasks to do.

Multitask is a game-changer for you in keeping up with your daily goals. The application provides a number of features, including labels, priority levels, lists, tasks, and sub-tasks. The platform has a clear, organized design that makes activity control effortless. You may add tasks, individual tasks, deadlines, and reminders, just like with any other app, and you can share them with others.

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Task Assignment

The challenge

Implementing such a demanding project within the client’s limited resources was a challenging feat. During the development phase of this app, client demands presented a few obstacles, just as in every design process.

  • Since the user’s first interaction with an app was highly impacted by UI/UX design phase, the client was concerned with developing a captivating and user-friendly interface. As a result, the app underwent several adjustments during the front-end design phase.
  • The app was designed to be compatible with both the Android and iOS operating systems, increasing app exposure by making it the most popular one.
  • The App Store is flooded with applications that offer the same features to the users. One of the difficulties was defining distinctive features that make the app stand out from the competition.
  • The aim was to obtain the optimum app performance in addition to developing a popular app and providing an exceptional user experience.
  • Due to their integration of the most recent design concepts, the calendar designs were incredibly complex.

We collaborate with the client to explore new ideas and devise unique solutions to all of the difficulties outlined above. Our initial goal was to assure that the app’s fundamental requirements were satisfied. As a consequence, we designed the following strategies for achieving our target.

  • We developed an intriguing and engaging user interface by using functional minimalism, smart features such as autocomplete, and visually and functionally consistent design.
  • We created a dynamic application using the Laravel, Android (Native), and iOS (Native) platforms to enhance the app’s interface by making it compatible with all mobile devices.
    We have integrated a unique feature that enables the users to input notes using text, photo, audio, and video options..
  • We undertook significant research on the implementation of calendar custom UI in iOS using the FS calendar library and in Android using the material calendar view library.

Key Features

A Stunning App Design

The amazing user design of Multi-Task makes it more appealing than any other routine management app you have ever used. To ensure the utmost level of user satisfaction, the interface was created, revised, and tested on a variety of devices.

Quickly Prioritizing Tasks

You may make activities and subtasks, then schedule them as one-time or ongoing tasks. You may use checklists to create a list of things to accomplish. You can also create projects and delegate different responsibilities to them. Users may organize tasks, establish priorities, and monitor their advancement.

Easy Progress Tracking

You may manage projects by using tools like Gantt charts, timetables, and progress reports. This app’s robust search and filter features let you save time. Searching for tasks, projects, meetings, and a lot more is possible. Furthermore, pre-saved categories are integrated to help end users save time and effort.

Smart Scheduling Feature

As a way to organize and keep track of your tasks, you may use tags, color coding, and timelines. One noteworthy aspect of this application is the Smart Schedule function, which is AI-powered. The app’s Smart Plan feature suggests the most suitable times to plan new chores and reschedule old ones.

Built-In Library Of Themes

You don’t have to go through the hassle of starting a checklist from scratch when you launch the application. You may select from a sizable built-in library of themes depending on your preferences.


Technology stack that we used in this project

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Kotlin, Swift, Laravel, PHP

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My Sql

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