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There are so many vehicles on the road, yet there are no means for drivers to communicate without yelling one’s head off. Drivers are frequently in scenarios when they want to extend their gratitude towards other drivers for guiding them to the route, or to just compliment their car, or to inform somebody that their headlights are damaged without honking and making silly gestures from a mile. Our client opted to fill this gap and approached us about developing a dynamic app that allows drivers to connect with one another.

WheelBees is a trendy app that makes ways for drivers to communicate with each other through the plate numbers of vehicles. A question arises: what if you don’t own a car and still want to interact with the driver? Well, WheelBees App has got it covered. You can sign up for the app via email or phone number, and you are ready to roll.

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The challenge

Implementing such a demanding project within the client’s restricted resources was a challenging task. Client concerns, just like any design process, posed a few challenges during the development phase. of this app.

  • Since UI/UX design is the user’s earliest encounter with the app, the client was concerned with creating an enticing and simple engaging user interface. As a consequence, the app went through multiple revisions throughout the front-end design process.
  • The application was meant to be compatible with both android and IOS platforms boosting the exposure of apps by making it the most preferred one.
  • Aside from creating a popular app and offering an exceptional user experience, the challenge was to achieve the best app performance.
  • Developing a secure app was crucial. If this is not addressed effectively, this could make the development more challenging due to concerns regarding malware and system failures.

The solution

We get along with the client to brainstorm new ideas and come up with a creative solution to all of the problems listed above. Our initial objective was to ensure that the app’s basic needs were met. As a result, we devised the following strategies to accomplish our goal.

  • The technique of functional minimalism, use of smart features such as autocomplete, visually and functionally consistent design allow us to create an enticing and simple engaging user interface.
  • In order to boost the exposure of the app by making it compatible with all mobile platforms, we have developed a dynamic application utilizing the Laravel, Android (Native), and iOS (Native) platforms.
  • The way an API is developed has a massive impact on how it improves the app’s performance. At the front-end design, APIs were built with BladeTemplate in Laravel.
  • We were able to create the best-optimized app after passing it through multiple testing stages. The objective to operate the app without glitches or errors while utilizing as little storage on the device as possible without compromising battery life was successfully achieved.
  • Our Quality Assurance team did its best job to identify any vulnerabilities and assure that the app is secure from malware and viruses. Our developers deployed cutting-edge cryptography tools and systems such as SHA-256 to keep the app secure for its users.
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Why Choose Us

Sending/ Deleting Conversation

Creating an app onboarding experience that keeps users hooked is one technique of our app designed to eliminate friction and retention rates. Users not only can send a message to their fellow drivers but also have the power to delete them later. But here is a catch,  when a user wishes to delete a conversation, there is no way to reverse this process. App also notifies users when their friends or preferred contacts are online.

Block A User

To ensure that the app adheres to community norms, there is a Block the user feature that prevents users from sending unpleasant messages. There is also the option to report such people in order for them to be permanently barred from the platform.

Speech To Text Function

It is not safe to glance down at your cellphone screen while driving in a congested area, in order to type the plate number to interact with another driver. As a basis, the app includes a speech-to-text capability. You may use our built-in speech-to-text converter to dictate the license number of the car to whom you wish to send a message, and it will transcribe it for you.


This app has an integrated feedback feature so that people can immediately express their thoughts about the app and report issues. The feedback function may be beneficial for more comfortable user involvement, as well as providing better suggestions for feature implementation, and the app can really be better designed and customized.

Data Security And Privacy

It is an important feature of this app to provide advanced levels of privacy and data security for its users. Third-party incursions are prevented from interfering with user conversations, media files, and personal information. To guarantee that user data remains secure, we have implemented end-to-end encryption, which ensures that the recipient is really the only party who will see a message once it has been delivered.

The Cloud Backup

When the app syncs with a cloud service, it will be able to preserve and store message history and keep them updated without overloading the user’s device. With an internet connection, you can access all of your files from that storage option at any time. Furthermore, if the user makes modifications to files and conversations on their devices, the changes will be mirrored in the pre-existing backups.


Technology stack that we used in this project

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Flutter, Dart, Firebase, Node.js

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My Sql

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