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Techtlk App takes your hands-free productivity to another level of freedom. An AI-powered application that assists users in converting speech to text using an AI model embedded in the backend. The model translates the voice input it receives into text and returns the string to the app. The app will determine which app to open and will launch it, such as Facebook, Whatsapp, and so on. It also offers template text that can be generated and inserted in a document with a single command, as well as customizable vocabularies. Techtlk  App, like other cloud services, allows for simple setup in both cloud and on-premises through your own firewalls to ensure security.

Techtlk enables users to access any app with a voice command. However, the app is not limited to only launching other apps; it also empowers users to play their favorite tracks and have absolute control over the player. By using the best features of this app, users may connect to almost any Bluetooth device.

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The challenge

Tech apps generally pose more challenges at the development level. However, as our client was not technically competent, we had to overcome the following hurdles in order to meet his evolving needs.

  • The client was not technically adept so confining his requirements in a nutshell for a tech app was a long row to hoe.
  • The AI research team was from another region so working with interdependent teams with different working hours and work ethics was a huge obstacle in getting things done within the prescribed deadlines. 
  • Implementing a voice-over command feature to launch an app with a voice command required training a complex AI model in the backend.
  • A feature required to fulfill a user  intended to link any gadget via Bluetooth using voice commands.

The solution

We collaborate with the client to think outside the box and find a novel solution to all of the aforementioned difficulties. Our initial objective was to ensure that the app’s basic needs were met. As a result, we devised the following strategies to accomplish our goal.

  • Various benchmarks were shown to the client in order for him to endorse the development cycle and requirement gathering.
  • The voice-activated sphere was developed that can stream songs, read news, control the brightness, and scribble down users’ thoughts and feelings
  • We built a voice-to-text converter and AI model in the backend to provide the appropriate command to launch the desired app for the user.
  • Similar to the conversational assistant popular, this app also empowers users to play their favorite tracks and have absolute control over the player.
  • The app also enables the user to link any gadget via Bluetooth using voice commands.
Team Collaboration

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Voice to text conversion

This functionality allows you to write while performing other activities such as cleaning the home or tuning your muscles . You may multitask on your phones by writing on the move, making things easier for you.

Opening Up The Other Apps In The Phone

What’s more stunning than roaming around in your phone even without touching the screen. This enticing feature allows you to open any app on your phone with just a voice command.

Built-In Media Player And Music

One of the most appealing features of the app is to enable the user to play music of his choice over a voice command only. You may search, play, rewind , or pause any track in your music library. This feature is equally useful for any multimedia you wish to play on your phone.

Calling Over A Voice Command

This feature is integrated in the app to facilitate the user to call any recipient without holding your phone. The App allows the users to make a call, accept or decline incoming calls.

Voice Based Contact Search

This is the most in demand feature in any voice to text app. Techtlk allows its users to search any contact in the phone, type and send a message to the desired recipient. The fun part is that all of this is possible over just your voice dictating the instructions to the app.

Speech Adaptation

The unique function personalized voice recognition to replicate domain-specific vocabulary and word choice by offering clues and increasing the accuracy of your transcription of specified words or phrases.


Technology stack that we used in this project

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Swift, Firebase

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My Sql

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