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Buying furniture for one’s home or office is a monotonous job. Visiting a store to find the appropriate furniture to complement the décor of your place also takes time. As a result of these growing demands for online services, the client approached us with a request for a solitary versatile app for his US-based furniture outlet.

Shelter Furniture is an ecommerce platform that empowers the vender to sell a wide range of furniture items online. This App not only allows users to order their ideal furniture design with just a few clicks and swipes, but it also provides a rider option for secure and dependable home delivery.

With Shelter Furniture App, our client has earned the confidence of his customers by delivering them the stuff of their aspirations. People also have the option to browse in several furniture catalogs rather than slogging in the sun for hours at a stretch. They may place an order instantly with a quick and efficient payment experience.

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The challenge

We have faced a plethora of challenges when developing a mobile app for our to enable the vendor to retail his collection of high furniture and home décor items. The client was not tech-savvy so in order to fulfill his evolving requirements, our app has to undergo several architecture changes.

  • As a matter of initial requirement, we were requested to develop an App for listing his stores’ items for which we made a dynamic application utilizing the Laravel, Android (Native), and iOS (Native) platforms.
  • With the evolution in client needs, the client needed to incorporate a rider option within our existing App. This posed a barrier in terms of modifications at the architecture level as existing platforms have limited options for live scenarios.
  • Riders were not authorized to log in to the system and evaluate the orders that had been allotted to them.
  • There was no way for riders to see how many orders they had completed.
  • Client’s website was developed by a third party and was based on an obsolete technology of woo-commerce.
  • He requires a single solution for updating content on both, the website and the mobile app.
  • Client asked for adding a feature to represent the multi-variant of a single product.

The solution

The client intends to bring a dynamic rider option, which our current platform does not support. In order to incorporate this option into our application, we have to back to square one.

  • We have leveraged the power of the firebase platform to accommodate rider options.
  • With the firebase platform, users are empowered to have live communication with their rider and also track their order.
  • The challenge for updating the content of the client’s e-commerce site along with the mobile app was tackled by moving the website database from woo-commerce to the advanced Laravel platform.
  • All the existing APIs were revamped using BladeTemplate in Laravel at the front end.
  • We have integrated an admin panel in our app to enable the client to add multivariate of the same product.
Shelter furniture app

Why Choose Us

Social Sign Up/Login

This is the very first feature that users will encounter when they launch the app. One of our App’s most enticing aspects is its straightforward Sign-Up/Login process. It does not need complex forms and may be accessed by simply entering an email address. The ability of our App to register and log in via social media is a distinct feature.

Personalized Profile

Our app has unique features for creating personalized profile experiences. Users may leverage Personalized Profiles to keep track of their order history as well as ongoing orders. Users may save a product to their favorites, monitor the status of their order, and track the rider’s geolocation.

Product Description

Clients are shown a vast stock of all 360 rotation of product images with the goal that they might make a smart decision. Showing multi-variant of a  product, along with the kind of wood utilized in the furnishings, a guide for what the wood is vulnerable to, and how to keep up with the furniture cleanliness so it endures quite a while. Our App competence to provide adequate furniture expertise sets them apart from the competition and helps the vendor to establish a loyal customer base.

Multiple Payment Options

Flexibility in payment methods is an excellent technique to make users feel at ease.  With our mobile App, PayPal, credit card options provide quick and efficient payment experiences for online consumers.

Real-time Analytics

Using real-time dashboards and interactive data visualizations, our customer will be able to review, monitor, and report on store data in real-time. This feature is quite important in terms of providing the most relevant operational reporting data and making it easier for customers to store data consistently and effortlessly.

Rider Delivery Option

Furniture home conveyance feature has opened up a different universe of shopping prospects. This feature ensures a  safe and seamless furniture shipment at the user’s doorstep. Furniture arrives quickly and intact, and it can be tracked in real-time. Users can contact directly to the rider responsible for their shipment.


Technology stack that we used in this project

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Swift, Kotlin, XML, Swift UI, Laravel

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