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Saloon App is an interactive on-demand app that aims to provide the greatest luxury salon services to its users. It allows users to book a beautician and tonsorial artist from the convenience of their own homes.

The App is really simple to use with an eye-catching UX design. Users can choose the desired service, and the request will be disseminated on the vendors’ app. The broadcasted request will be accepted or declined by beauticians. On the user’s home screen, they will be able to see the information of their beautician. Not only that, but this app allows customers to track the hired beautician’s route till they arrive at the specified destination.

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The challenge

No one had foreseen the impact of the covid pandemic on the beauty salon business. Our client noticed the spike in demand for beauty salon services during the pandemic. Thus, through Saloon App, our client transformed the traditional ways of getting appointments from salons. Saloon App offered the salon owners and beauticians a better solution to earn by delivering their service at the customer’s very own place. Customers can avail themselves of the salon service at home which saves them traveling time. Just like at a regular salon, the beautician would visit the customer-provided location and offer their luxurious services. 


The challenges that customers were facing on regular basis in order to seek their desired beauty services are as follows;

  • Due to COVID SOPs, it is not safer to visit salons often. 
  • Due to great demand for Salon Services during the pandemic customers were facing difficulty to reserve their appointments.
  • Customers may not be able to make their appointment at their desired time and will need to tweak their calendar to accommodate it.
  • Beauticians could not handle many clients at a time, keeping in view the must follow SOPs of pandemics.
  • The waiting time despite getting an appointment in advance may run up to hours. 
  • Provide a simple registration process for all merchants, via the use of this app.
  •  It was essential to communicate in real-time.
  • Customers should be able to book services online using the app and get the desired service to be done.
  • Customers to be able to review barbers in order to make sure that service quality is maintained.

The solution

To assist their users to weather the storm of this pandemic, Saloon App offered a feasible solution to the above-mentioned challenges.

  • The customers don’t have to wait for hours to book a saloon appointment. They can easily hire a beautician of their choice with such a smooth experience like eggs in one’s beers.
  • The saloon app is a feasible solution not only for customers but also for beauticians. It provides them the freedom to accept or decline incoming requests.
  • Customers can track the beautician’s live location so they don’t have to be twiddling their thumbs while waiting for them to arrive.
  • Saloon App ensures the best experience for both parties by providing the option of a review at the end of each successful session. 
  • We’ve created a signup form for users to go online and active so they may use the app in the desired manner.
  • We’ve built a chat system that allows users, suppliers, and administrators to communicate with one another.
  • We have built a category system that will allow consumers to locate similar services and discover which beauticians provide those services.
  • A rating and review system has been developed to ensure service quality, and vendors whose quality drops by three rating stars will be restricted to take orders.
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Why Choose Us

Barber Booking

Customers should be able to schedule barber appointments using the app. Customers can easily make use of the barbershop’s services. For barbers, crowd control is just another burden thrown into the mix, in this current paradigm. When they have a long queue of customers outside the door. Saloon App is here to emphasize the value of providing a five-star client experience. This App makes the booking procedure for your client as smooth as possible.

Real-Time Tracking

Real-time tracking is a key feature of this app. The beauticians may be tracked in real-time. The customer can keep track of the beautician’s present location, guaranteeing transparency and communication, resulting in customer satisfaction.


When jobs are allocated to beauticians, push notifications are delivered to clients. From the beautician arriving at the requested spots, commences the assigned task to the finishing of the job, the customer will be notified during the whole process.

Main Services

A variety of services are available under the services section of the app. The customers can opt for the desired service. The user-friendly interface of this application assists the customer in the service selection phase.

Route Drawing

Vendors should be able to see the route on a map and follow the directions on the map to go to the customer’s location. Beauticians can use the most efficient routes to be at the customer’s location on time. Route optimization also ensures that all processes are managed on time, resulting in satisfied customers.


Technology stack that we used in this project

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Kotlin, Swift, Firebase, Node.js

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My Sql

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