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Revov is a public mobile commerce app available at app store, gracefully leveraging the advantages of mobile commerce. It is a perfect app that seeks to strengthen independent brands all the while offering users a way to access and buy a diverse range of unique, high-quality stuff. It is an optimal mobile app that intelligently balances customer requirements, corporate objectives, and technical solutions. This app incorporates a social platform functionality that enables customers to interact with merchants as well as with other customers.

Customers can add the reviews of their placed orders to the merchants and the merchants can only view the reviews related to their specific food place and can reply to them too and upon their reviews. Retailers and end-users will be able to make payments through the app using various payment options like Paypal, Stripe (Credit Card), Apple Pay, and Google pay. The app also encompasses another enticing feature of a virtual wallet.

Its UX design is absolutely delightful. When you first open it, you’ll see a mini-slideshow displaying the brand’s current promos. This slideshow is the first feature in a series of native user engagements, and it is seamless and pleasant. The interface and navigational menu are both native and fully responsive, allowing users to use natural-feeling swipes to explore the app. Revov App overcomes the barriers to online shopping, making on-the-go shopping a joyful experience. This App is available in the google play store as well as in the apple store.

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The challenge

Implementing such a demanding project within the limited budget of the client was a long row to hoe. We have faced the following challenges during the requirement gathering and implementation phase of this project.

  • The first obstacle that we faced was to refine the requirements of the client as there was no other system available against which we could benchmark our requirements.
  • The client was not technically adept so his requirements were more oriented towards front-end design rather than having a feasible backend structure.
  • Client wanted to add some brands to the system in the prelaunch phase and also offer them some promotional discounts.
  • In the prelaunch phase, we must have to integrate payment methods to accommodate transactions for discounted offers.
  • Another challenge was to incorporate the crypto wallet in the app as desired by the client.
  • Multilevel category implementation was a important concern due to the high complexity of the architecture at both the admin and database levels.
  • During a transaction, the app has to manage numerous change processes. This functionality revolves around the concept of dividing transaction amounts between admin and vendors.
  • To empower the end-user to have a realistic buying experience by using this app, Augment Reality/Virtual Reality functionality was required to be implemented.

The solution

We sit with the client to think out of the box and to find a dynamic solution for all the challenges summed up above. Our first priority was the satisfaction of the basic requirements of the app. So, we came up with the following solutions to do the trick.

  • From the ground up, we have refined the client requirements via questionnaires, interviews, past experience, and brainstorming to come up with the finest solution that we offered to our client.
  • Extensive documentation was provided to the client to highlight the importance of backend architecture in a nutshell. This was extremely useful to outline the scope of the project.
  • We have provided customized solutions to the client so that he doesn’t have to throw his entire budget into premium features.
  • Through a WordPress foam, vendors were enabled to enroll for prelaunch offers. After making due transactions, vendors were empowered to showcase their brand in the prelaunch phase.
  • Extensive research on crypto compare was made to integrate crypto wallets functionality in future versions of this app.
  • Security measures in the app include deauthorizing the sub-admins to add/remove an item without prior approval from the super admin. Admins are not authorized to delete any category at the mid-level. On the other hand, categories can only be removed at the edge level. After removing any edge level category the products underlying items are bound to be moved under any other edge category.
  • We have implemented MVP to introduce the Tryon concept, supporting AR/VR features of the app, to enhance the customer shopping experience.
  • We have an integrated Strive feature for admin and vendor transactions to handle multiple fee processing.
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Why Choose Us

Easy Registration Process

Mostly the registration process of m-commerce apps is excessively complicated or cumbersome,  to the extent that frustrates the users. That’s why Revov App ensures a registration process that is quick and pleasant to hook the customers. Our App’s flexibility to signup and log in using social media is a handy feature. Whenever a user loses his login details, he may reset them via email or phone number.


The app provides a fully functional dashboard that allows merchants to track daily total sales, total orders, incoming orders, orders in progress, pending orders, current sales graph chart, consumer feedback, orders for approval and rejection, and track orders relying on filters.

Product Details

Online stores, like old-fashioned brick-and-mortar outlets, often have visitors who are casually browsing around.  With the use of a product description that delivers, the Revov app has turned the window shopping trend into an actual shopping experience for its customers. The product details section enables the users to see the brand name, product description, price and to use add to favorite, add to cart, like, and sharing options. 

Product Gallery

While the descriptive paragraphs inform users about the product’s materials, a product gallery helps visitors to see how the product looks in reality. This feature encapsulates the showcasing of the different variants of a solitude product. A product gallery makes a big difference in establishing trust. It also assists users in making informed choices and improves customer satisfaction.

Multilevel Filters For Product Search

One of the advantages of this app is that makes it feasible to use the filter. In Revov App, there are tens of products, and finding the right one can take up to several hours. Filters pick up the slack and save time and energy for customers. Multiple filters are added to different products to get the search terms as close to the goal as possible.

Payment Methods

Most consumers are cautious of payments since it entails personal data and banking credentials. They will only have faith in the methods they have been using for the past. App provides various payment options like  Paypal, Credit Card, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. The app also offers an enticing feature of a virtual wallet for reliable payment.


Technology stack that we used in this project

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