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An ecommerce app is a trustworthy and rapid solution for customers to order their desired product. With a few clicks and swipes on smartphones, they may have their preferred stuff delivered to their doors. Our client wanted to use this technology to reach out to a wider customer base. So, to corner the market, our client requested an Ecommerce App for his UK- Based physical store. 

Player App is an interactive and user-friendly Ecommerce App that allows consumers to not only purchase their chosen products but also track their orders online. The Player App’s users may have a seamless experience for secure payment and fast checkouts by using several payment options.

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The challenge

Due to the hassles involves in the offline store, our client would be unable to regulate the product’s supplies. The primary objective was to design an easy-to-use eCommerce mobile application that allowed sellers to quickly update product inventories, track sales, and add new products. The challenges faced to provide a dynamic solution to our client are as follows;

  • Since the client was not a technophile, our first obstacle was acquiring the client’s requirements.
  •  The initial process entails transferring all inventory information from current files and excels sheets to the database.
  •  Integrating the essential features into our dynamic app to keep track of products and inventory in the store.
  • Selecting and implementing the right payment methods to oblige all the application users that pick different payment preferences.
  • There’s nothing more annoying for mobile app users than being unable to reach sellers when they need support with something, thus adding the feature to have live chat with the vendor was one of the main requirements of our client.

The solution

With the Player App, our client is keeping up with the trend of mobile commerce platforms and is set to reap its benefits. His customers presently prefer mobile application over offline stores as it provides speed, efficiency, and flexibility.

We have created a dynamic solution to handle our client requirements and to tackle the above-mentioned challenges.

  • We have employed automated scripting to add all of the stock subtleties and item data to the database.
  • We have incorporated safe and secure payment methods into our application.
  • With the help of the administrator board, our client may rapidly add new items or eliminate existing ones.
  • We have developed a dashboard for our customers to monitor product availability and track inventory data.
  • We’ve integrated a live chat option with the vendor so our client might have direct contact with his customers. Player App’s users can ask their pre-purchase queries.
  • Our client may leverage user data, account preferences, and device attributes to create individualized marketing campaigns and product suggestions with personalized experiences.
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Why Choose Us

 Easy Sign-Up/Login Process

The easy Sign-Up/Login process is an attractive feature of our App. It doesn’t require lengthy fill-outs and is as easy as logging in with an email. The ability to register and log in via social media is a useful feature to have in our App. If a user forgets his password, our app has the option to reset it via email or phone number. 

Personalized Profile

Personalized Profiles enable users to keep track of their order history and ongoing orders. Users may customize their addresses by adding their home and work addresses so they don’t have to enter them every time they make a purchase.

Products Listing

Our App offer user a reliable experience to research through the available products. Since the view of the item on a smartphone may degrade, our App provides additional detail, which will offer users a more informed view of the item before buying. This eliminates potential consumer dissatisfaction.

A Selection Of Payment Options

At the moment, the e-commerce payments ecosystem is massive and diversified, and different people choose different payment methods. With this app, payment methods like PayPal and Stripe may provide quick and efficient payment experiences for online consumers.

Real-Time Chat With The Vendor

Whether it’s a pre-purchase question, an order status, or a complaint. Our app is already employing live chat for customer care assistance, a fast and easy way to interact with customers.

Product Tracking

Users can track their orders to know in advance when their order is expected to be delivered. This provides freedom to the users, so they don’t be tweaking their routines, staying available at their places, in a hassle that their order may arrive unexpectedly at any time.


Technology stack that we used in this project

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Kotlin, Swift, Laravel

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My Sql

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