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People from all walks of life now enjoy eating out. They regard it as the best method to savor their favorite dishes while spending quality time with their loved ones. On the one hand, this denotes a vast range of options, yet on the other, it denotes pure chaos when it comes to selecting a restaurant to dine in.

But have you ever been astonished that a restaurant on the other side of your street was undiscovered to you? Let’s place a request with Navlon to get the best restaurants and dishes in your area. Navalon App is for those Food aficionados who love to explore new grease joints in the town.

The Navalon App not only helps users locate the top restaurants in their area but also receives food quality recommendations from other Foodies. If you’re new to the city, Navlon App is your tour guide to get your food craving served.

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The challenge

Although the ultimate focus of the app was to help users locate the closest and best restaurant in their area. User-friendly features were carefully considered when developing the Navlon app.  The challenges we encountered in delivering a dynamic service to our client are stated here:

  • A ‘near me’ feature was required to let users of the app find the best restaurants closest to them.
  • Finding a restaurant is one thing; finding a restaurant that serves the best meals according to your preferences is quite another. So, a feature was needed to allow individuals to share their thoughts on the quality of food served in a particular restaurant.
  • It was a requirement by the client to let users interact with each other like any social platform.
  • In case of any technical inconvenience related to the app, users should be allowed to chat with the admin to find answers to their queries. 
  • As Navlon App’s first offering was to be a guide to finding the restaurant. So, features must be integrated to let users find the easiest route to the desired restaurant. 
  • The Navlon App is not exclusive to diners, but also for restaurant owners who want to market their restaurant on this restaurant locator app. So, restaurant owners must be allowed to pin their restaurant location in the app along with their popular dines and offers.

The solution

CodersGlobe’s first priority is to satisfy the client’s requirement in a manner that also serves the needs of application users. So, we come up with the following features to serve the purpose of the app.

  • On the home screen of the app, users can see all the nearby restaurants located within the radius defined by the user.
  • An enticing feature is added in the app where users can post a recommendation to another user who is looking for good eateries in the area. If the user accepts the recommendation, he can chat with the person who made the suggestion.
  • Once the restaurant has been chosen, the user may activate the route service, which has been built with the use of a Google Maps API key, and the user may pursue that route to reach that restaurant.
  • We have leveraged the firebase capabilities to implement the real-time chat between users and admin.
  • Restaurant owners have specific login credentials to update their hot deals, most liked dishes along with other offerings by their restaurant.
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Navlon App Features

Near-me Feature

We noticed how important it was for users to be able to access the near-me map feature, so we added a map to the bottom navigation that allows them to instantly discover their nearest restaurants.

Search & Filter Options

The app’s search and filter features allow users to simply and quickly find their favorite meal to satisfy their eating cravings. The Navlon App allows users to filter foods based on ingredients and dietary sort. Users may also look up their favorite food served by famous restaurants.

User-Friendly UX Design

App UX design is absolutely delightful. Rather than a hamburger menu, we chose floating bottom navigation because it provides better visibility and easy access across the app. The interface and navigational menu are both native and fully responsive, allowing users to use natural-feeling swipes to explore the app

Easy Signup

Users may simply enter their Email and Password to login into the app . Users can also use Google Plus or Facebook as an alternative to signup quickly. Since it is not essential to be logged in to use the app as logging in is only required to add a review, the login and signup screen includes a skip option.

Customer Reviews

In the Navlon App user feedback is crucial not just for other app users, but also for restaurants seeking to enhance their customer experience. Feedback and rating may be a fantastic way for them to maintain the connections intact among them and their loyal customers.

Restaurants List

This feature displays a list of any and all nearby eateries within a defined area radius. Users may look up the restaurant’s name, distance from their present location, diet type, and closing time.


Technology stack that we used in this project

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Kotlin, Swift, Firebase, Node.js

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My Sql

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