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In this new era of knowledge, everyone is fascinated with what goes inside our bodies in the name of a healthy diet. The Dream Body System App is based on tried-and-true strategies that help you maintain a healthy balanced diet.

The dream body app is developed to assist its users in losing weight effectively, therefore the user will track their meals and all fat loss activities on a chart developed by our Miami-based client Dr. Di Petro. The chart will be inspected by the psychiatrist from the admin panel and will assist in evaluating the user’s health.

The app enables the users to track their daily activities in relation to weight education. Coaches’ videos precisely elaborate do’s and don’t to enlighten users to make more informed decisions in their weight loss journey. Users may view, share, mark as favorite, or even upload their own videos.

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The challenge

The client required an app with all of the features essential to precisely demonstrate his years of experience in serving users in regaining control of their body weight. The customer requests to create an effective and dependable solution for individuals who were concerned about shedding their obes weight.

  • Due to the client’s tight schedule, the first and most important issue was to collaborate throughout the requirement gathering phase
  • Certain days were required to be reserved for users to update their statistics as they progressed through their journey with this app.
  • The website was already deployed on wordpress , so one of the major requirements was to integrate both the apps i.e in android and iOS native to be synced with the web database.
  • The most of the client requirements were geared at having an easy-to-use admin panel for maintaining and operating the app.

The solution

We interact with the client to think creatively and develop a novel solution to all of the aforesaid concerns. As a result, we devised the following strategies to accomplish our goal.

  • To resolve the difficulties of the client’s availability, we asked Mia Long (CTO of Dreams Body System) to appoint somebody on her end to effectively interact with us and finalize the app requirement.
  • We have designed an app in which users will be able to watch weight reduction videos and enter the parameters of their statistics. They will also look at previous statistics to see on how far they have come and remain devoted and motivated.
  • At the time of registration, a list of days for the entire month was generated, and users would be able to submit data for the ongoing and prior days.
  • We have used the WordPress APIs in order to sync the databases of the website and the app.
  • We have designed an admin panel from which the administrator ought to be able to operate the app, add videos, and assess users.
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Dream Body App Features

Chat With Admin

In the absence of professional nutritionists, dieting might be a challenging task. The user might have a slew of concerns about various diet plans. In such instances, an online consulting and chat option can be extremely beneficial to app users. The users can chat with the admin at any time to clarify any query that might pop up in their minds.

Favorite/Unfavorite Videos

Who wants to miss out on a useful video while navigating through the app? For this purpose, the feature for adding videos into favorites comes in handy. Users may favorite/ unfavorite any video to access it in the future.

Social Media Signup

Rather than being time-consuming and convoluted, we made the profile creation procedure simple and smooth. We determined that the ideal method to provide successful account setup options is to allow consumers to sign up not just by email, but also by using social network accounts.

Social Sharing

People prefer sharing and flaunting their success stories. Users can brag about their weight loss progress by sharing statistics via social media. This helps individuals feel more fulfilled and inspired to put in more effort.

Video Sharing

Users would not only benefit from the expertise of specialists but also has an option to share these videos with their friends and family. Users can share their favorite videos with the other members of the app. This joyful sharing experience helps the users to connect with other fellow users.

Updating Daily Statistics

The app allows users to update their statistics daily. This functionality connects customers with diet specialists who provide diet regimens based on their eating patterns and dietary preferences. This is how users obtain tailored diet plans. Every member has a goal, which may also be specified on the app. They may receive a clear picture of how near they are to accomplishing their objective by using this tool.


Technology stack that we used in this project

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Kotlin, Swift, Firebase, Node.js

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