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QR & Barcode Scanner robust and easy-to-use App with a lot of bells and whistles. It allows users to scan barcodes and QR codes for various products. Without breaking a sweat, QR/Barcodes give an abundance of valuable information. To extract information from these codes, users require an app that can decode and transfer vital information to the user’s smartphone. Beyond confining them to product information, QR Codes boost advertising campaigns by allowing companies to access and retain a wider targeted market by bridging traditional marketing to digital platforms.

Ever since the general public has adopted QR code technology, it has swiftly evolved into a strong tool for the fast transmission of information. QR codes have turned into a communication channel in the world of business-to-customer marketing, prompting potential customers to instantly pursue the relevant links.

Acknowledging the role of QR/Barcode Scanner in digital marketing, the client came up to us with a demand for an App that can do all the tricks. This App can accurately identify barcodes and reads QR codes from just about any orientation. Users may design and publish their own customized QR Codes. For ease of reference, the app keeps a complete record of all QR Code scans. The scanning feature supports both the rear and front camera to scan the codes.

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The challenge

The challenges encountered during the creation of the QR & Barcode Scanner are not confined to the development level. The constraints also motivated us to integrate features to deal with the scanning issue caused by inadequate QR code designs. We have listed such challenges here;

  • The QR/ Barcodes with narrow quiet zones and are hard to be separately distinguished from the surrounding environment, pose a major challenge towards the development of an efficient scanner.
  • In case of missing or broken links used in QR codes, users are directed to a 404 error page. This problem faced by the customers, during crucial marketing campaigns of the brand, may lead to deterring valuable customers.
  • In order for the scanner to read barcodes properly, input frames must have barcodes that are defined by plenty of pixel value.
  • Since barcode technology permits white bars on black background, the scanning speed should be consistent regardless of the color of the bars. This problem particularly occurs in reading barcodes from iPhone packaging where barcodes design is opposite to the standard.
  • The difficulties outlined above result in a poor bar code that might be challenging to read by the scanner. The ink spill, along with the small distances between bars, can make the separation within bars nearly undetectable.

This Android and iOS multi-functional QR code scanning app integrate all the abilities of UPC/EAN and DataMatrix scanners. We think on our feet to come up with the following feasible solutions to all the above challenges;

  • The optimal size for the silent zone would be at least 40 percent the size of QR Code panels.
  • Generating a customizable QR code may prevent returning to the 404 error code.
  • The App accepts payloads of varying sizes. The smallest significant part of the barcodes must be at least 2 pixels wide and 2 pixels height for 2-dimensional codes.
  • Following each successful scan attempt, the scanner automatically takes relevant actions to either open a link, show product information, connect to wifi or even log in to a particular system.
  • The scanner increases performance by taking snaps at a lesser resolution.
  • The app integrates a feature to remember the barcodes/ QR codes for future references.
Team Collaboration

Why Choose Us

Easy To Use

One of the main features of the scanner that allow it to stand out from the rest is its easy usability. This app has made it easy to retrieve product details by scanning a QR code or barcode. Whatever form of code you need to scan, simply start the app and direct your camera at it, and the application will automatically decrypt the encoded data.

Customized QR Codes

The app enables the users to not only scan the QR codes but also empower them to create their customized ones. This app allows users to create their QR codes with various color schemes and for 16 different information kinds such as URLs, social network accounts, phone numbers, and email addresses. Users may distribute these personalized QR codes.

Record For Scans

Keeping the scan history is another function that we included for the convenience of the user. This tool allows you to search your history by category. All search results are saved and grouped into categories such as Weblink, Messages, Contact Number, or Emails.

Lock Feature

We added the App lock function into this scanner app since we regard security to be the most essential part of any app. Users may find this feature useful to generate a safe passcode for their scanner. You must provide this key each time you wish to use the app. In this manner, the users may secure their app credentials from hackers.

Barcode Scan

Users may obtain information on millions of products worldwide by scanning barcodes. We acquired barcode content from prominent retailers all around the world and built a large database. When users scan a barcode, data is retrieved from this database.

In-App Purchases

This QR scanner app has a one-of-a-kind feature of our app. Static QR codes are free, however dynamic QR codes cost a membership since they are sophisticated, versatile, and perfect for long-term campaigns.

To leverage all of the potential features of QR & Barcode Scanner, the premium version offers limitless exports, customizable QR color, and reliable usage without advertisement interruptions.


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