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Do you want a top food delivery app development agency to create a food delivery app for your restaurant? Either you are a startup, a single restaurant, or a restaurant aggregator, CodersGlobe have you covered with its finest online Food Delivery App Development Services.

Our best food delivery application developers hold years of experience in providing on-demand food delivery app solutions to over 40+ global clients.

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Scale Up Your Business In The Food Delivery Industry

Do you want to scale up your food business with a custom food delivery app? Either you are just starting your venture in the food industry or already have established an aggregator model of multiple restaurants in different locations. Custom Food Delivery App is a must-have to keep up with customers’ demands. Being a leading custom food delivery app development company, CodersGlobe can assist you in developing the filled to the brim food ordering and delivery app.

With our provided food delivery software solutions, you can scale up your food business up to 75% within a minimum span of time.

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Personalized Food Delivery Solutions For All Type Of Industry Models

CodersGlobe is dedicated to providing cutting-edge online Food Delivery App Development Services for all food industry business models. To confront the ever-changing demands of today’s tech-savvy customer, we presented the business model in our on-demand food delivery app solutions, which consolidate both the restaurant and end-user perspectives.

Food Delivery StartUps

We have ready-made, and cheaper digital solutions for you.

Restaurant Chains

Get a specially tailored app to keep up with your competitors.

Single Restaurant

Get a single app solution for all of your restaurants.

Stories Today of Our Innovative Custom Food Delivery Apps


Navalon App

Have you ever been genuinely shocked that a restaurant on the other side of your street was completely unknown to you? The Navalon App is for foodies who enjoy discovering new grease joints in town.

The Navalon App not only helps users find the best restaurants in their neighborhood, but it also receives food quality recommendations from other Foodies. If you’re new to the city, the Navlon App can help you get your food cravings fulfilled.

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Saloon App

Saloon App is an interactive on-demand app that aims to provide the greatest luxury salon services to its users. It allows users to book a beautician and tonsorial artist from the convenience of their own homes.

The App is really simple to use with an eye-catching UX design. Users can choose the desired service, and the request will be disseminated on the vendors’ app. The broadcasted request will be accepted or declined by beauticians.

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Trusted By The Best

Our Food Delivery App Features

A Customer Application is designed with ease to help the customers place their food delivery order by browsing multiple restaurants and its menu.

  • Nearby Restaurants: Customers can search for and view all the nearby restaurants in their locality.
  • Push Notifications: Customers get notifications of order confirmations, cancellations, new offers, and discounts.
  • inApp Payments: Users can make online payments using the food delivery app.
  • Social Media Login: Users can connect the food delivery app with their social media accounts for sharing their experiences, food images, and reviews.
  • Restaurant Menu:Users can view the menus of various restaurants, compare, and choose the best.
  • Coupon Management:Customers can view and use discount coupons and codes using the app.
  • Rating & Reviews:Customers can give feedback, reviews, and ratings based on service, pricing, and quality.
  • Order Tracking:Users can track their food orders using a real-time tracking feature. Users can track the exact location of their orders and check how much time a driver will take to reach them.

A Driver Application is designed with great features and user-friendliness to accept or reject the restaurant delivery request as per the availability.

  • Profile: Drivers, after login, can make their profile on the app.
  • Order History: Drivers can save and manage all the information of food orders and deliveries on the app
  • Realtime Requests: Drivers get notifications of the orders placed by customers on the app.
  • Delivery Information: Drivers receive information on the locations of various food deliveries.
  • Manage Orders: Drivers receive orders on this app and can manage multiple deliveries using the app.
  • Realtime Tracking: Drivers can track real-time customer locations, get route directions on maps.
  • Availability Settings: Drivers can choose to go offline or set their availability during different times in a day.
  • Payment History: Drivers can track and manage the payments for the day on the app.

A restaurant partner app helps to accept or reject the food delivery orders placed by the customers. It also helps in customizing the menu items as per availability.

  • Profile: Allow restaurant owners to register and create a profile including restaurant address and contact details, a complete menu with prices, and delivery.
  • Manage Orders: Restaurants can manage all the orders in one place, can get a complete view of the orders, including ongoing, dispatched, pickups, and scheduled ones.
  • Manage Offers & Discounts: Restaurants can create new discount deals and offers or customize the current ones to benefit from ordering food.
  • Push Notifications: Restaurants get notifications about the new order, status of received or shipped orders, the payment received online, and other important updates.
  • Menu Management: Restaurants can create a new menu or customize menus based on customer food preferences and availability.
  • Real-time Tracking of Driver: Restaurants can track the real-time location of drivers with their real-time location. They can also check the total delivery time and routes.
  • Payment History: Restaurants can manage all the orders in one place, can get a complete view of the orders, including ongoing, dispatched, pickups, and scheduled ones.

The Admin Dashboard helps restaurant owners to manage the complete delivery process.

  • Customer Management: The dashboard includes the details of customers, cuisines, restaurants they prefer, and the orders they place.
  • Payment & Commission Management: Restaurant owners can set payments and manage commission rates directly from the panel.
  • Analyzing & Reporting: Get real-time insights into reports and other information to identify the growth and expansion opportunities.
  • Restaurants Management: Manages details of all the restaurants by adding, updating, and removing restaurants from the list.
  • Menu & Timing: Restaurants can create different menus for different times and manage them on the admin panel.
  • Promo codes: The promo codes to add in cash deliveries, offers, and discounts can all be managed through this panel.
  • Driver Management: It includes the details of all the drivers, their profile information, license, and other details.
  • Delivery zone Management: The restaurant owners can also track and manage all the food deliveries on the panel.

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How To Determine Estimated Cost For Custom Food Delivery App

icoderz offers a comprehensive package of On-demand food delivery app development. The food delivery application development cost relies upon the functionalities and features in your application and many other factors. We, as a top food delivery app development agency, can help you find the correct cost estimations. Get in touch with us to know the exact cost to develop an on-demand food delivery for your business.

Features Complexity

Cost of your desired complex feature integrated in your app.

UI/UX Design

Cost involved in providing fascinating and user-friendly app design.

App Platform

Pricing depends on the choice of platform, the IOS or Android, for your app development.

Third-Party App Integration

Added extra features to enhance functionality of your app .

App Maintenance

Cost of maintenance support after delivering a fully fledged app.

App Hosting

Cost of hosting services you choose for your app.

App Security

Cost involved to make your app secure and malware protected.

App Testing

Cost involved in testing your app against any technical abnormalities .

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